Motorcycle Club


Who We Are

The Road Dawgs are a 100% Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.  All members of the Road Dawgs are active or retired Police Officers.

The Road Dawgs support the Law Enforcement Community taking great pride in attending many rides, events and charities to aid fellow Officers in need.

Over the years, the Road Dawgs have come out in force to show our support for National Law Enforcement week, benefits to aid injured Officers and have attended many local motorcycle rides.

The Thin Blue Line

The Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club®, Inc. has much to offer: Friendship, Brotherhood, and group activities in a relaxed but controlled atmosphere.  Every member in every Chapter has a closeness and sense of Loyalty and Respect for one another.  The Road Dawgs MC, Inc. has no affiliation with any other motorcycle club.  We are a respectful group of family orientated motorcycling enthusiasts who do not bring negative attention to Law Enforcement or the Club.

The History Behind the Road Dawgs

The Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club ®, Inc. is a registered nonprofit corporation.  It was originated in 1995.  The Club was formed to comprise a list of Police Officers that could call on each other for runs rather than riding alone.  It took 14 months to come up with a name for the Club that would not be offensive or align the Club with some type of deviant behavior, a demonic symbol, or off-the-wall beliefs.  The color combinations of the rockers and center patch are intentionally light in nature to not resemble the "Colors" of any outlaw motorcycle club.

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